15 Jan – Good Riddance 2020!” Wait, is that what we really mean?

Something that happened in 2020 was that we came face to face with our real selves.

18 Dec – We Are The Community

We’ve learnt that when we come together and make space for conversations about change that possibilities start to appear.

10 Dec – A Thrill Of Hope

At the beginning of the Christmas season and with so much uncertainty still hanging around us like the fog in Belfast last weekend, it can be a strain to feel hope and an impossibility to see an end to the chaos of the times we live in.

03 Dec – Equipping Young Adults

For the last 4 weeks, StreetReach has been delivering an Active Citizenship Program to a group of young adults participating in an MPower group.

26 Nov – StreetReach Project Coordinator

I thought it’s time I introduced myself and came out from behind the anonymity of being the ‘we’ often used when writing blogs and posts.

19 Nov – StreetReach Has The Answer

Have you ever wondered whose job it is to fix up the community? Moaned about why the council isn’t doing more? Or blamed local businesses for not doing enough to make the town more successful?

12 Nov – Out On The Street

After 15 months of planning the original StreetReach, pausing for covid-19 lockdown 1, rewriting the whole project to work under covid-19 restrictions and then pausing again for covid-19 mini lockdown 2…. We finally got out on the streets!

05 Nov – Returning from the ‘Circuit Breaker’

Youth work alongside schools had to take a two week break as part of the ‘Covid circuit breaker’ and for many of us that’s brought a pause to our work and connection with young people. ​

22 Oct – Work From Home If You Can

Hope is there to be found if you keep on looking, often it is our attitude during difficult circumstances that determines how we find it.

15 Oct – Possibilities Not Problems

We believe that young people have a major role to play in our communities now.