We welcome young people from any walk of life to participate in StreetReach 2020.

We particularly welcome team applications from groups already formed and come with their own leaders for example – a youth club project group, a church youth group, a community youth program etc. 

If you are not part of a group but would like to take part or lead a team, then you are welcome to sign up and be allocated a team. 

Training will be held in 2020 for everyone who signs up to be in a team.

This person will be from the Host Group and be the point of contact for the Host Group. They will be on the ground daily to work alongside the StreetReach Team and the Host Group and the Local Coordinator. 

Their role includes:

  • Planning and preparing the project and liaise with the StreetReach Coordinator
  • Engaging local partners involved with the project
  • Be the point of contact for local partners: ministers, police, council workers, shop keepers. This person will need to have processes planned out to work alongside the local contacts
  • Making sure all contacts know what is happening, keeping them informed increases the impact of the project
  • Organise catering
  • Attend the local StreetReach Steering Group along with other Host Group Leaders to ensure partnerships, overlaps and joint events are planned thoroughly and with consideration
    Plan resources needed eg litter pickers, bin liners, gloves etc. And liaise with StreetReach Coordinator and the Steering Group on accessing these
  • Attend funding workshops if necessary
  • Contact local businesses for financial support if within the group’s ethos
  • Engage the Host Group members such as congregation or participants and involve them in promotion, preparation and delivering the project alongside the StreetReach Team
  • Liaise with the Local Coordinator during the project for problem solving 
Work on behalf of StreetReach and act as an overarching support for StreetReach team leaders and Host Groups when necessary. They can be a pastoral and advisory support to team leaders and generally be on site to keep everyone safe and a general problem solver when needed. 

Their role includes:

  • Supporting Team Leaders
  • Being a problem solver for the Team Leader
  • Be accountable to StreetReach for the overall safety and practice of the team
  • Make sure Team Leaders are receiving all communication relevant
  • Making sure there is a medical arrangement in place – first aid kits etc
  • Make sure the team has appropriate phone numbers
  • Support the Team Leader with good practice and policy implementation
  • Be a source of petty cash and keeping receipts
These will head up the StreetReach Team on the ground and will have been trained to oversee the local work. 
Their role includes:
  • Taking responsibility for team medical needs and allergies conditions
  • Enthusing and being an example to team members
  • Directing the team on a daily basis 
  • Liaising with Host Group
  • Leader and Local Coordinator
  • particularly if there are concerns
  • Ensuring good safety practice
  • Ensure the team operates within the general purposes of StreetReach
Training and support will be delivered for Host Groups and Local Teams. It is important to plan your project according to your own group needs and capacity. Ultimately we are keen to see the values of love and compassion in action and local collaboration throughout all our efforts.

This is the team on the ground, working directly under the Team Leader and also paying attention to the direction from the Local Coordinator and Host Group Leader. The team will work in pairs at all times to ensure safety and accountability and this will be in a buddy system format. It will be hard work and will require a sense of fun and willingness to participate, communication skills and the ability to play will also be really useful!

Please note we have Team Members and Local Team Members – the only difference is that Local Team Members are not camping at Glenarm as they are part of the Host Group.

Their role includes:

  • Attending team meetings
  • Being accountable to the Team Leader
  • Showing respect to others in authority
  • Bringing a positive attitude
  • Willingness to get stuck in to practical work
  • Respect for other team members, Host Groups and the local community
  • Completing training and working in accordance with it
  • Never leaving their work buddy during the working day
  • Creating a sense of fun!

REGISTRATION is now open for Streetreach team members

To register as a team member, click the link below and ‘Register as a New booker’.


The StreetReach Team Member cost is £55:00 

If you are coming to the Summer Madness festival, we are offering an add on to your Summer Madness pass of £35:00. The price includes all meals and transport to and from your community venue for StreetReach 2020 

Plus+ StreetReach 2020 T-shirt!


Every participant in StreetReach will be required to complete training before attending StreetReach. This includes Local Coordinators, Team Leaders, Local Team Members and camping Team Members.