We welcome young people from any walk of life to participate in StreetReach 2020.

We particularly welcome team applications from groups already formed and come with their own leaders for example – a youth club project group, a church youth group, a community youth program etc. 

If you are not part of a group but would like to take part or lead a team, then you are welcome to sign up and be allocated a team. 

Training will be held in 2020 for everyone who signs up to be in a team.

REGISTRATION is now open for Streetreach team members


The StreetReach Team Member cost is £55:00 

If you are coming to the Summer Madness festival, we are offering an add on to your Summer Madness pass of £35:00. The price includes all meals and transport to and from your community venue for StreetReach 2020.

StreetReach is a one week community outreach project with a festival feel run by young people with the aim of regenerating hope. It’s a collaboration of faith, community and statutory agencies working towards a legacy of leadership.