Host Organisations

StreetReach seeks to support ongoing work in the Carrick, Larne and coastal communities.

Our aim is to partner with you in offering volunteer support for the week of 1st – 5th July (community days beginning on 2nd July). 

Host organisations can be but are not limited to: churches, community groups, youth clubs and sports teams.

In a series of conversations during September – December 2019, we aim to establish connections with host organisations and plan specific programs based around your identified needs and resources available to us. 

What we expect from our host organisations is the commitment to host a team, meaning, to provide space to work – outdoor or indoor, lunch and dinner on 2nd, 3rd and 4th July, a person to lead the work in liaison with our team leader and group representation at the community celebration events on Sunday 5th July.

If your organisation would like to form a team for the week, we would love to facilitate that for you. Your team can either work in your project or be allocated to a project either in your town or one of our other areas of work. As one of our teams, we will offer training and support to ensure consistency across all our projects. 

There is no cost to become a host organisation, however we would ask that you are able to provide volunteers to prepare meals for the StreetReach team allocated to you on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July.


StreetReach is a one week community outreach project with a festival feel run by young people with the aim of regenerating hope. It’s a collaboration of faith, community and statutory agencies working towards a legacy of leadership.