Author: Ian McKenzie

22 Mar – StreetReach Local

It may almost be full time for StreetReach but we aren’t going away quietly!

05 Mar – 88 Weeks

StreetReach began again 88 weeks ago and sadly we only have 4 more to go before we close this chapter.

25 Feb – We Made It

WE MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER MONTH – and I think we need to appreciate how well we have all done!

14 Feb – Let’s Celebrate Love

We may not be able to join Justin, dancing under the diamonds this Valentines Day, but we can still find love if we’re ready to look for it..

8 Feb – We Can Be Heroes

If we learnt one thing from Captain Tom it’s that we can all do something. We all have something in us to give for the common good of others.

29 Jan – The Next Generation Is…

Currently sitting at home watching youtube and losing track of identity?

21 Jan – Out Of Control

Is it just us or does it sometimes feel that life is spinning out of control?

15 Jan – Good Riddance 2020!” Wait, is that what we really mean?

Something that happened in 2020 was that we came face to face with our real selves.

18 Dec – We Are The Community

We’ve learnt that when we come together and make space for conversations about change that possibilities start to appear.

10 Dec – A Thrill Of Hope

At the beginning of the Christmas season and with so much uncertainty still hanging around us like the fog in Belfast last weekend, it can be a strain to feel hope and an impossibility to see an end to the chaos of the times we live in.