Active Citizenship

active citizenship

What is active citizenship?

Active citizenship is caring about your community and getting involved in to order to bring change.

Anyone of any age can be an active citizen. You don’t need qualifications or training to care about your community, anyone can get involved in making a positive difference. There are some helpful training courses being run in communities for those who want to learn some new skills but really the most important things to offer are time and care.

We believe that young people have a major role to play in our communities now, not just when they are adults. In Northern Ireland, lots of our communities have labels that we most of us want to move past. Our identity doesn’t have to be tied to our past but can be how we live now because we are a creative and resourceful community.

The essence of StreetReach is to see young people feel empowered to create positive change in their communities; to know that their passion and ability is valued and to know they are making a practical difference.

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.