05 Mar – 88 Weeks


05 March 2021

88 Weeks

StreetReach began again 88 weeks ago and sadly we only have 4 more to go before we close this chapter.

It’s been a time of highs and lows – planning the huge social action week of events for July 2020 – to cancelling it all weeks before it began – then planning an amazing short program for community groups to engage in social action – to full on lockdown living ….

We are incredibly disappointed that StreetReach didn’t get close to becoming what it could have been, even with continual reimagining and reinventing we couldn’t compete with covid restrictions. Having said that, we have learnt so much and met so many wonderful people and groups along the way that it will always have been worth taking this journey.

From youth workers to young people to production companies to local business owners and community leaders – we are so glad to have crossed paths with you all and watch excitedly as you continue your journey of loving where you live.

Next week we have one last announcement so don’t miss out!

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.