25 Feb – We Made It


25 February 2021

We Made It.

WE MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER MONTH - and I think we need to appreciate how well we have all done!

I could spend a whole paragraph repeating all the things people have said about how difficult this lockdown has been but I don’t need to – you know exactly what I mean – everyone does.

What we are thinking about the most at StreetReach is how much we miss people, how frustrated we are at not being able to connect with our communities and how much we need hairdressers to open again. But after all the ranting, crying and home haircuts, what we realised is that there is something healthy and positive coming from our frustrations – a very strong message that we know what we need.

That might sound very simplistic – doesn’t everyone know what they need? Often we don’t though and this is evident in how we tend to chase things that look shiny and pretty but end up feeling dissatisfied after a while and a little bit lost; those things give us a temporary hit that fades quickly.

So take heart and pay attention to what you are most frustrated about – this is your inner voice telling you what you need; it’ll be worth remembering what those things are so when we return to normal we won’t forget and start chasing the next hit and neglecting our needs.

Keep on going, you’re doing so well.

P.S to help you step away from the scissors – the first person to DM gets one of our new hats

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.