8 Feb – We Can Be Heroes


8 February 2021

We can be heroes...

If we learnt one thing from Captain Tom it’s that we can all do something. We all have something in us to give for the common good of others.

At StreetReach we aren’t about creating superheroes or even regular heroes but we are about giving towards the common good. We are driven by the ethos of giving and contributing towards the places we live, work and play in. We believe that if we all bring something from our own character or skills, it will make our communities better and more enjoyable places to be in.

Can we: garden, grow, pick up litter, not throw litter, pick up after our dogs, knock our neighbours door and ask if they need anything, bring our neighbours bins in, start a recycling area in our sports club, gym or class room, take pictures or draw pictures of areas we like to spend in outside, volunteer locally…what have we got inside us that can be given to help someone else?

We can be heroes, if just for one day

**Picture credit, used with permission: Charlie Redmond, Yr 11 Carrick Academy

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.