21 Jan – Out Of Control


21 January 2021

Out Of Control

Is it just us or does it sometimes feel that life is spinning out of control?

Or maybe is it that it feels like everything or everyone else has so much control over our lives and we seem to have so little?

Control is one of those loaded words that can have a different meaning depending on how we are experiencing it. When we feel others are in control over us it can feel like pressure, manipulation or being trapped, having no say but when we are in control it feels more about being balanced and free.

We believe we can take back control when it feels like our options are being removed one by one. At StreetReach we have experienced our options for the project happening being continuously removed, one by one, from April 2020 right through to the present day! Every project re-write and new proposal we have strategised in order to get our work going have been shut down – one set of lockdowns after another. And we know we are not alone in this experience!

Something we have learnt through our disappointments has been to ‘look for the life’ – where are the opportunities still remaining to give and connect with our communities? How can we still be active in empowering young people to use their voices for change? Sometimes that’s meant grabbing the small windows of time for group work between lockdowns and sometimes that’s been to support others in their efforts – it’s not the same as our plans were but it’s also not the same as doing nothing and feeling trapped by the lack of options.

Can we encourage you today to take back some control over your situation by taking even one small step towards connection and community? Is there one small thing you could begin with that would bring hope and control back to you?

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.