26 Nov – StreetReach Project Coordinator


26 November 2020

StreetReach Project Coordinator

I thought it’s time I introduced myself and came out from behind the anonymity of being the ‘we’ often used when writing blogs and posts!

 I use ‘we’ because StreetReach wouldn’t happen without the input and support of many people from friends and family to colleagues and the community in general; StreetReach is a movement and that’s way more than one person. So back to me, at the point of writing, I am 45 years old, have 4 children  – 2 in their 20’s  living out of the house and 2 under 11’s  living in the house. My marriage partner is Ian who works for YMCA Carrick and who also graphic designs my life generally. I am a music lover (rock), pastry lover (sweet), gin lover (rose/rhubarb) and have come to enjoy lifting weights. I also enjoy comedy and reading books about positive psychology and faith. I like beer but it makes me bloaty. A  passion and motivation that’s kept me on track during my adult life has been a spiritual calling to care for my community, to look out for those in need and work towards restoring families and relationships. I see hope in most situations and find possibilities in difficult circumstances. That’s not to say I haven’t faced challenging times in my life, I very definitely have but I hope that I have approached those times with courage and grace and not compromised who I am to please other people or manipulate an outcome. The difficult times allow me to be with others in their distress and feel what they feel and perhaps shine a light towards a path they might choose to walk.  I have lived in Carrickfergus since 1992 when my family moved here to start a church in Sunnylands and I’ve been active in the community, working within youth organisations and schools since 1993; I’ve also trained as a counsellor and specialised in children’s and young people’s counselling.  I was genuinely so excited when StreetReach launched in Carrickfergus and Larne as it’s a project that allows me to work where I’m passionate about and with people I care for. I hope you feel like you know me more now and that you’ll  see my heart in each StreetReach post, blog and activity that comes up as the project progresses. Take care and stay safe, Lynn.

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.