12 Nov – Out On The Street


12 November 2020

Out On The Streets

After 15 months of planning the original StreetReach, pausing for covid-19 lockdown 1, rewriting the whole project to work under covid-19 restrictions and then pausing again for covid-19 mini lockdown 2…. We finally got out on the streets!

It was so good to work along with Carrickfergus and Larne M-Power group. We spent 3 weeks on our Active Citizenship program passionately discussing what it means to be an Active Citizen, exploring some of the issues in our community and then challenging ourselves to what our own role in the community is. We learnt that it’s easy to say ‘it’s the council’s job’ or ‘someone should do something about that’ but more challenging to look at  who’s job is it really and what we can contribute?

Alongside our discussions,  we planned a Trick or Treat project for Carrickfergus but then the covid-19 circuit breaker was put in place and we had to pause that idea and replan. 

As we had a re-think it was a helpful time to reflect on the contrast between how simple it is to suggest ideas and come up with solutions in comparison to the challenge of delivering a solution and that perhaps there isn’t just one solution and perhaps the challenge isn’t actually about finding a solution but being part of a community who cares, with each of us giving how we are able to give

We ended up not being able to carry out our original idea but even in that decision we learnt that life isn’t straight forward, adapting is positive and we can always contribute something… so we got the litter pickers out and of course posted our pictures to social media.

StreetReach is a collaboration between YMCA Ireland, Summer Madness and the Education Authority for the Carrickfergus, Larne and surrounding coastal areas.