Host Groups

We have been busy this month meeting with host groups in Carrickfergus and Larne. If you would like to know about what it means to be a host group then read on…

Host groups are the people on the ground already working in the Carrick, Larne and surrounding communities. Groups can be churches, community groups, sports clubs, youth organisations etc. 

When you sign up to be a Host Group this is what it means:

You will receive a team of approximately 25 young people and their leaders who will work with you from 1st – 4th July 2020. They can assist with ongoing work or a new venture you are getting off the ground e.g. litter picking, beach clean up, community garden planting or maintenance, kids club, teen drop ins, detached youth work, community games, minor building maintenance such as painting a community building. We will feed the teams breakfast and supper and bus them in from Glenarm Castle where they will be camping but we ask that you would feed the team lunch and dinner on 1st – 4th July, fuel for the body is important!

Some Host Groups are working on partnerships in their communities to share the project preparation and team meals; we can work with you in building partnerships, preparing your project and sourcing the resources needed to help make it happen.

On 5th July there will be a town celebration to showcase all the work that the communities are achieving and to raise awareness for all the good happening in each of the areas. We are working on this being something visually inspiring!

So thats it, get in touch with Lynn if you would like to chat about potentially being a Host Group or with any questions: